Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth deeply saddened by the death of her close friend

Queen Elizabeth

It is rare for Queen Elizabeth to attend a funeral. As she normally sends a member of the royal family or someone else close to her as a representative.

But this time, it was her best friend. While Kate Middleton and Prince Harry attended Anzac Day events, Her Majesty had another sombre occasion to mark.

Queen Elizabeth attended the funeral of her good friend Jeanie, Countess of Carnarvon on Thursday. The monarch, who is rarely ever seen in anything but bright colours, dressed in a black coat dress with white trim and a matching hat for the service. The service was held at St. Michael and All Angels Church in Highclere.

The 93-year-old reigning monarch’s appearance at the event speaks to her relationship with the late Countess.

Jeanie, who was 83 years old and the Queen, were quite close friends. Jeanie’s late husband Henry, the 7th Earl of Carnarvon, or Lord Porchester, was Her Majesty’s horse racing manager. He was even featured in a storyline on ‘The Crown’.

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Porchie, as he was affectionately known, “was a very sensitive and quiet man. He was one of those who shared the Queen’s passion for horses”, Robert Lacey, a royal historian and consultant to the series, previously told The Royal UK. “Henry, the 7th Earl of Carnavon, was on the same wavelength”.

It was a sad moment for the Queen.

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As due to her closeness with Jeanie, Her Majesty was observed to be quite sad. Queen Elizabeth was greeted by her godson and Jeanie’s son George Herbert, the Earl of Carnarvon outside the church. Jeanie’s two other children, Harry and Carolyn were also in attendance.

Jeanie, who was half American and half British, was the founder and the President of the Newbury Spring Festival. She sadly died on April 11, 2019. May her soul rest in peace.