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Queen Elizabeth’s rare comments about her great-grandchildren!


Her Majesty is already great-grandma to seven kids. And with Harry and Meghan’s baby coming soon, she is set to become a great-grandma for the eighth time.

She already has seven beautiful grandchildren: Savannah Phillips, Isla Phillips, Prince George, Mia Tindall, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Lena Elizabeth Tindall.

While we all impatiently wait to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first born, let’s take a look at the rare times the Queen has opened up about being a great-grandma to the youngest royals.

  • Prince George

Queen Elizabeth opened up about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate’s first born, Prince George, in her Christmas speech in 2013. She was noted, saying: “Here at home my own family is a little larger this Christmas”.

“As so many of you will know, the arrival of a baby gives everyone the chance to contemplate the future with renewed happiness and hope. For the new parents, life will never be quite the same again”.

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  • Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton gave birth to her first daughter, Charlotte in 2015. She recently revealed Her Majesty’s delight over her having a girl. Speaking in an interview, Kate said: “It’s very special having a new little girl. I feel very, very lucky that George has got a little sister”.

“The Queen was really thrilled that it was a little girl. And I think as soon as we came back here to Kensington, she was one of our first visitors here”.

  • Prince Louis

Little Prince Louis arrived just last year. And last year, it was one of the biggest years for the royals in recent times. Meghan also announced her pregnancy just a few months later. This led Her Majesty to admit that she is “well-occupied” as a grandmother.

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In her Christmas speech, she said: “Closer to home, it’s been a busy year for my family. With two weddings and two babies, and another child expected soon, it helps to keep a grandmother well occupied”. She also proudly placed a portrait of Louis on her desk while she made the speech.

  • Mia Tindall

Mike Tindall revealed why his daughter Mia Tindall posed holding her grandma’s handbag in her 90th birthday portrait in 2016. Talking in an interview, he explained how Queen Elizabeth managed to get mischievous Mia to behave on the photo-shoot.

He said: “She was being a bit naughty. The Queen got it quite right when she told her, ‘Just hold the handbag now’, and she did that. It ended up being a great photo of her”.