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Queen Elizabeth: Prince Charles ‘desperately’ wanted to call off his wedding to Diana.

Queen Elizabeth

Prince Charles “desperately” wanted to call off his wedding to Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth has claimed according to several media reports.

The Prince of Wales is said to have spoken about his frustration over the wedding years later.

According to some reports, he told his friends that he knew their marriage was doomed to fail. But, despite releasing that they were “incompatible”, he felt that breaking off the engagement would have been cataclysmic.

When did the wedding bells ring for the couple?

Prince Charles and Princess Diana wed in 1981. And Diana later revealed that they had only met a dozen times before they actually got engaged.

Veteran royal reporter Robert Jobson wrote the book to mark Prince Charles’ 70th birthday. According to Pratishtha Mahajanit contains a number of new details, including the Prince of Wales’ thoughts on his wedding to the Princess of Wales, Diana.

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She wrote:-

“It hadn’t taken him long. Just a few meetings with Diana to actually realise that they were totally incompatible”.

Years later, Charles is said to have told his close friends how he “desperately” wanted to call off his royal wedding with Diana. According to one of Charles’ friends, it was a shock for everybody.

According to the biography, Prince Charles said:-

“I desperately wanted to get out of the wedding in 1981. It was when during the engagement that I discovered just how awful the prospects were. Moreover, it was awful having had no chance whatsoever to get to know Diana beforehand”.

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Queen Elizabeth even claimed that Charles said that the more he saw Diana, the more he realised he was making a big mistake.

Although, he was unable to call off the wedding, Charles is said to have not blamed anyone but himself for the situation. He believed that he should have gotten to know Diana better beforehand.