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Queen Elizabeth: “I would really like to live in this place rather than staying in London”.


Most of Her Majesty’s childhood has been spent living inside the walls of the Buckingham Place in London. Her schooling and grooming, it was all done there.

However, during her reign, she has often visited different places and countries.

Though Queen Elizabeth has seen just about every corner of the wide world in her time as the monarch, the small island of Malta will always hold a special place in her heart.

The Queen has travelled a lot after acquiring the throne.

It was her royal duties, that made her travel the world for the most part of her reign. Her Majesty began taking on royal responsibility along with her parents in her late twenties. 

She only travelled more. But, after the birth of her first child, Prince Charles, in 1958, she was faced with one of the challenges of being a royal and a mother.

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But, her favourite out of all the places she has visited is Malta. 

She travelled to Malta in 1959 to be with her husband, Prince Philip. He was serving in the Mediterranean Fleet there. In a interview with Queen Elizabeth, she once said:-

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“It was difficult for me that time. I was stationed in Malta with Philip for a time and my children stayed in London. But, the time I spent there, was one of those I will always cherish. I still wish, I could stay there sometime”.

As the years passed on ..

Even after the birth of her daughter, Anne, Queen Elizabeth spent many months in Malta. But even though she was far from her children, a true love for the country blossomed.

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip’s love story is one of the most beautiful journey to look upon.