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Queen Elizabeth does not sit by Prince Philip during flights – here’s why?

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is a hugely important figurehead, representing the UK in royal visits overseas. Yet, a bizarre quirk in her travel arrangements has now been revealed. 

Her Majesty the Queen’s official excursions have seen her travel across the globe. Not to few, but to more than 120 countries, since the age of 21.

Now 92, the UK’s reigning monarch is considered paramount in the maintenance of national relations between states, diplomacy and sometimes, a peace broker. She is often accompanied by other members of the royal family while going for her duties. Yet this saw a shift after her husband, Prince Philip, retired from all his official duties.

At present, the Duke of Edinburgh is retired and living his life privately and peacefully.

Prince Philip’s decision, in 2017, meant he would no longer be by the side of his wife. Yet an unusual travel quirk of the married couple, has now been revealed. Royal biographer, Robert Hardman has opened up on how their travel plans are sometimes not totally in sync. 

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In his new book, ‘Queen of the World’, he wrote of the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip: “For most of his life, he has always walked two paces behind his wife. Jack Straw was struck by the fact that on a long flight, the Duke would sit in the row of seats behind Queen Elizabeth, too”.

His actions could have been a matter of respect or was it something else?

Robert wrote: “He would also help keep the rest of the entourage alert. He would do it even if he was not wholly convinced of their reason for being there. His temper could keep things cracking along quite nicely”.

“As because when Philip went travelling on his own, it would just be him along with a policeman and a private secretary. So, on these tours, he’d come in and see all these dressers and footmen and so on. ‘What are all these people doing here?’, he would say”.

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While Her Majesty takes on her duties abroad with a smile, a hidden fear of travel has been revealed.

Queen Elizabeth does not reportedly enjoy the process of travelling to far-flung destinations. Robert told how the Queen is famously stoical about the dangers of royal life while on excursions.

To this, Robert added, saying: “However, Queen Elizabeth has never been a great fan of air travel. If St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, can afford any extra protection then so much the better”.