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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are fighting. What is the reason behind this huge fight?

Queen Elizabeth

It has been 71 years since Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip. They have come this far together because of their honesty, respect and love for each other.

Have you ever read any news saying or claiming that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are fighting? 

We suppose your answer is a big no. Well, that’s pretty right. But, now they are. And, you all would be shocked to know the reason behind this fight.

Surely, it’s not a small reason, but maybe a little less for them to fight upon? We leave this decision on you to decide.

As we all know, that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is just 3 days away, there have been a lot of pressure on the couple as well as the royal family. Why?

There are lots of reasons for it. For starters, Meghan is not British, and this would be the first time, an American entering the royal family with due acceptance and respect.

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But, there are more serious things to look forward to.

Royal fans have speculated whether the Queen will attend her dearest grandson, Harry’s wedding or not? And it looks like we finally got an answer for it.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip are fighting on this very topic. And, they are not able to agree on this one. Well, the Queen says she shouldn’t attend the wedding and Prince Philip is asking her to change her mind on that. 

Why Queen Elizabeth is denying to attend the wedding?

Along with being the reigning British monarch, the Queen is also the head of the Church of England. The Church teaches people, that a marriage is for life, and divorce is not at all encouraged. The people who have the religious duties are urged to think carefully before remarrying a couple.

As the bride-to-be, Meghan is a divorced woman, Her Majesty may not feel she can attend or witness her grandson’s first and Markle’s second marriage.

Not to forget, this wouldn’t be the first time.

Her Majesty’s son, Prince Charles, wed Camilla Parker-Bowles in the year 2005. Both had been before married and Queen Elizabeth skipped their wedding ceremony. She only attended the reception which was held afterwards.

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What Prince Philip wants?

The Duke of Edinburgh is against this decision of the Queen. He says the time has changes, people have changed and it’s time for us to change just a tad. He wants his wife to attend his beloved grandson’s wedding.

We all know how much Queen Elizabeth loves Harry. They share a special bond that no-one could ever understand. And Philip knows that his wife desperately wants to attend the wedding. But, she isn’t because of her royal duties and responsibilities. 

But, we know that Her Majesty and Prince Philip share a great bond with each other and so they will sort things out between them. We just hope that the Queen attends his grandson, Prince Harry’s wedding.