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Royal shock: Queen Elizabeth was pelted with eggs and mooned at during royal visit

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Queen Elizabeth II’s 1986 royal tour of New Zealand resulted in Her Majesty being pelted with eggs and a Maori baring his buttocks at her. 

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh have worked hard to ease diplomatic relations between countries over the years, travelling extensively.

But despite their best intentions and efforts, the results have not always come out smoothly. And there’s always the lurking danger of assaults on their dignity. In 1986, the Queen and Prince Philip embarked on a tour of New Zealand, in which Her Majesty was pelted with raw eggs, one of which dripped down her dress. 

Shocked to hear about it?

We are too. Two young women masquerading as crowd-control officers along the royal parade route lurched forward and began hurling a barrage of eggs at the Queen as she rode in an open car. It was Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were standing in a four-wheel-drive vehicle waving at 42,000 schoolchildren at Auckland’s Ellerslie Race Course.

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As Philip mopped up the egg oozing down his wife’s coat, the Queen appeared visibly upset by the attack. She then stepped down from the back of the vehicle. The incident occurred during the third day of the couple’s nine-day visit to New Zealand.

What happened after the attack?

After the royal party was pelted with eggs by the anti-monarchists, Her Majesty managed to laugh off the incident. Another embarrassing incident occurred on their royal tour. It was when the couple visited the provincial city of Napier.

As the Queen’s entourage made its way through the city, a Maori man described as ‘well-built’ and wearing only a grass skirt, burst out from the crowd. According to some reports: “He whirled around, lifted his skirt and displayed his buttocks. And it was all the more humiliating to watch his buttocks that bored tattooed images”. 

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The Queen was insulted.

Native Maori activists said they planned a ’21 bum salute’ for the Queen to show their strong anti-royal feelings. Activist, Dun Mihaka said the Maoris would bare their buttocks to Queen Elizabeth. As it was a traditional Maori insult called ‘whakapohane.’

The showing of those naked buttocks is considered the ultimate insult in centuries-old Maori warrior tradition. They showed it to the Queen and insulted her in the most humiliating way possible.