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Queen Elizabeth: Meghan never stood a chance against Kate?


The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan married into the royal family in May of 2018. Since then, she has been trying her level best to fit into the royal environment.

And yet, the soon-to-be mother has been pointed at.

According to some royal experts, Meghan, who is due in Spring 2019, has always been criticised for breaking royal protocols. They think that the Duchess of Sussex never stood a chance against her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Meghan and Kate’s rumoured fight has been creating headlines ever since the Duchess of Sussex entered the royal family.

The reason behind a series of rumours relating to fights inside the royal household.

There were many speculations that Prince William and Prince Harry’s fight over Meghan, was a huge reason behind the rift between the two Duchesses. Although, the so called ‘Fab Four’ put up a united front during last year’s Christmas service at Sandringham. The grapevine suggested all was not well between the four royals.

Now, some royal experts have weighed in on the whole debacle. Apparently, according to them, the pregnant royal never stood a chance against Kate Middleton. In a leading daily they said, the Duchess of Sussex has always been criticised for breaking the royal protocols.

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Both the Duchesses in the past have worn revealing dresses. Or you can say the dresses that go above the knees. But, it was the newest royal bride who was slammed most for it. 

The royal experts said:-

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“Meghan never really stood a chance. When the Duchesses do behave comparably, the reaction could not be more different. Like Meghan, Kate has broken the protocols several times. Sometimes it was by wearing dresses above the knee or with far less pearl-clutching from commentators”.

Reportedly things went bad for the new royal bride because of rumours fed-in by her and Prince Harry’s staff. And since she is having a tough time dealing with everything, people are targeting her more. Well, let’s hope for the best to come.