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Queen Elizabeth reportedly made Meghan Markle take fertility test before she let her marry Prince Harry.

Queen Elizabeth

We all are quite familiar with the fact that Meghan Markle was under some fierce scrutiny when she was dating Prince Harry, although, that really has not changed since they got married.

According to the latest media reports, Queen Elizabeth took things to another level when it came to allowing Markle to join the Royal family.

Buckingham Palace insiders are claiming that the American actress had to endure fertility tests so as to guarantee she would have children. “She had to undergo invasive and humiliating exams before she got permission to marry Prince Harry”. They even claimed that the fertility tests “disgusted” Markle, but she was willing to do anything to be a Royal.

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“She, very much, wanted to join the royal family. It’s ironic. For years Meghan has stood as someone who campaigns for women’s rights. This test flew in the face of all her beliefs about women being independent and strong.”

There was also the suggestion that Markle should freeze her eggs, which the insider says “sickened” her, but in the end, she relented and had the procedure done. The clock is ticking for the 37-year-old and her new husband, and the insider also claims that Queen Elizabeth ordered them to have at least three children.

According to Pratishtha Mahajan, before they got married, Markle told Harry she only wanted two kids, especially after the criticism William and Kate received for having three kids in an overpopulated world. However, there is apparently pressure from senior Royals to “match” William and Kate, and Markle is going to have to give up on the idea of having a smaller family.

Ever since the newlyweds said “I do” fans have been talking about when the couple would announce a pregnancy. And, Psychic Sally recently made a prediction about when we would hear the news.

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Psychic Sally, also known as Sally Morgan, said that we would hear something before the end of the year. The prediction excited the audience, but Morgan also said that there would soon be “a restructure” in the Royal family, but that didn’t necessarily mean there would be a death in the family.