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What it would mean for Queen Elizabeth to invite Meghan’s mother to Christmas?

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Queen Elizabeth has invited Meghan’s mother, Doria to Sandringham for this year’s Christmas. Well, this will be the second time that an outsider will be with the royals.

It’s certainly possible, but, this is a story that’s rehashed every year, each time with a different in-law in place.

The Duchess of Sussex’s situation is unique when compared to previous royal spouses.

For anyone who watched the royal wedding, it would be impossible to miss Harry’s full house on one side of the Chapel and Meghan’s sole family member.

Meghan and her mother shares a close bond.

Meghan is incredibly close to her mother. She has been a strong and guiding influence throughout her life. However, over the last few months Meghan has navigated her entry into royal life.

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An invitation to spend Christmas Day at Sandringham would be as unprecedented as Meghan attending the festivities last year when she was still just a fiancée.

Precedents are clearly made to be broken, so might the Queen make an exception?

Following arrivals on Christmas Eve, afternoon tea is served. The evening brings a fancy black-tie dinner and the opening of presents. 

After breakfast on Christmas morning, it’s church, lunch, a huddle around the television to watch the Queen’s address to the nation. Then, a country walk and an evening of parlour games.

If the Sussex’s, along with Doria, do plan to be in Norfolk, it is much more likely that they would stay at Anmer Hall. It is the country home of William and Kate.

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The Windsors have welcomed Meghan warmly.

She was invited to the extended family Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace last year. Her Majesty hosted Doria to tea at Windsor Castle prior to the wedding. 

Queen Elizabeth will be conscious of Meghan wanting to celebrate the festive season with her mother. Especially given she’s an only child on her mother’s side.

Whether or not Doria accompanies them remains to be seen. But it will represent a remarkable seal of approval from Her Majesty if she does.