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Queen’s health update: Is the Queen still sick? What’s wrong with her health?

Queen Elizabeth

Royal fans are awaiting an update on Queen Elizabeth’s health after she did not attend a service at St Paul’s Cathedral due to feeling unwell. 

But is Her Majesty still sick and what is wrong with her?

No doctor was called and the 92-year-old reigning monarch still travelled to Windsor for the weekend as planned. A statement was released by a spokesperson for the palace after she pulled out of a morning service. 

The Buckingham Palace spokesperson said:-

“Queen Elizabeth was feeling under the weather and decided not to attend morning’s service at St Paul’s Cathedral marking the 200th anniversary of the Order of St Michael and St George”.

“Her Majesty’s cousin Prince Edward, attended in her place as Grand Master of the Order. The Queen has been busy this month after she attended five days at Royal Ascot”.

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The Monarch then joined her grandson, Prince Harry and his new bride Meghan at their Young Leaders Awards at Buckingham Palace. 

She had an eye surgery in May to remove a cataract and the planned operation was a success. The procedure took place at the private King Edward VII’s hospital. Also, she was treated as a day patient.

The 92-year-old reigning monarch is known for her good health and last year carried out 296 public engagements in the United Kingdom. And, she won’t stop at all. She will do her best and be there where she is needed.

What is the next public engagement for Queen Elizabeth? 

Buckingham Palace confirmed to The Royal UK that Her Majesty will still be attending the programme of events in Scotland for Holyrood Week. This week always begins on the forecourt of Holyrood Palace with the Ceremony of the Keys.

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A ceremony where people are bestowed an honour or rank also known as an Investiture, is held in the Great Gallery at the Palace of Holyrood house. This is located at the end of the Royal Mile in the centre of Edinburgh. 

A Garden Party will also be held. It will welcome around 8,000 Scottish people to spend an afternoon with the Queen. She will also undertake a number of other engagements around Scotland during this week.