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Queen Elizabeth furious after foreign leader’s unacceptable behavior during visit.

Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty is known for being reserved and polite in public. However, she was once angered by a foreign leader during a state visit to the UK. 

It was after they put the health of her corgis at risk. 

Queen Elizabeth has met many foreign leaders, presidents and governments throughout her reign during the state visits. In fact, she is friends with many of them.

Some of her close friendships include Ronald Reagan, former US president and Nelson Mandela, the former South African president who was close enough to call her ‘Lizzie’.

However, there are some which she has famously not always seen eye to eye with.

One such leader was Mobutu Sese Seko, the President of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was visiting the United Kingdom in 1973 on official business for a state visit.

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An account revealed he was staying at Buckingham Palace with his wife when Her Majesty found out they had smuggled their dog through customs. And it was without going through the necessary checks.

This could have led to health problems or an increased risk of disease spreading. And particularly to the Queen’s beloved corgis.

After finding out about the situation through her staff.

‘Our Queen’ by Robert Hardman recalls the Queen saying: “Get that dog out of my house”. According to her former private sectary, Lord Charteris, she was incandescent with rage as the dog could have been rabid.

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“The Queen really was shaking with anger”. 

The visit was controversial at the time.

As the dictator was later found to have embezzled £12 billion as well as caused the deaths of thousands of people through his regime. He later died in Morocco in the year 1997.