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Queen Elizabeth looks extremely elegant and is the definition of regal in new Royal portrait.

Queen Elizabeth

There’s a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and she looks extremely regal in her velvet green grand ceremonial robes. 

She is also wearing the Order of Thistle collar, which features a pendant of St. Andrews and is the highest order of chivalry in Scotland.

A highly recognised British painter, Nicky Philipps completed this new portrait. This portrait will be housed in the Royal Dining Room at Holyrood House in Edinburgh, Scotland.

All about the new painting.

Behind her in the portrait, are the cloudy grey skies and a view of Salisbury Crags. It also has cliffs located in Holyrood Park near the palace, her official royal residence in Scotland.

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The new painting is commissioned by The Royal Collection Trust. It is to enhance the visitor experience at the palace. The portrait is on display in the Royal Dining Room alongside a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. 

The royal family still uses the room for entertaining.

Philipps, who has painted Her Majesty before as well as the Duke of Cambridge, William and the Duke of Sussex, Harry, said of painting the monarch:-

“It’s nerve-wracking. But, it is enormous fun, and it’s a great honour to be asked to do it”.

Last month, Her Majesty unveiled a new portrait of herself while visiting the Royal Air Force Club for the organisation’s 100th anniversary.

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The portrait made for the RAF’s anniversary was pretty amazing.

It was painted by artist, Ben Sullivan. The portrait features the Queen sitting in a drawing room in Windsor Castle. It shows her wearing a light blue dress and pearls, with her trusty black Launer London handbag sitting beside her on the floor.

The Queen is hardly ever seen without her trusty bag. It is reported that she has owned more than 200 Launer handbags over the years. Her loyalty to the brand began in 1968 when designer, Sam Launer sent her a bag.