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Queen Elizabeth reveals the reason why she didn’t feature in Charles’ birthday portrait.

Queen Elizabeth

On 14th November, Clarence House released two official portraits to celebrate the Prince of Wales, Charles’ 70th birthday. 

It is a very interesting reason, keeping in mind the future of British monarchy.

In those two pretty family photos, we see the gorgeous seven-month-old, Prince Louis in his mother, Kate Middleton’s arms, next to his father, Prince William.

We also saw the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan looking at something, laughing away to herself, standing next to her husband, Prince Harry.

In all, that family picture was just amazing.

Shout out to the Duke of Sussex, Harry by the way. He looks very good in the portrait. At the forefront of the pictures, we saw Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, who are cosying up to their grandchildren, Charlotte and George.

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The two pictures are gorgeous, of course, but sadly Queen Elizabeth didn’t make an appearance.

But, why was Queen Elizabeth not there?

The meaning is significant, as Her Majesty is working towards creating a new monarchy. This year, the Queen relinquished a number of her important duties to Meghan Markle.

And now, with that, the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan has taken over her role in the Young Leaders program. Queen Elizabeth is passing the baton to the other members of the royal family now. 

So perhaps, this picture is making a statement.

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After asking one of our royal sources, he said:-

“The main reason is that it’s Prince Charles’ birthday portrait. So he should be the most senior member of the royal family to appear in it”.

“There is also more evidence than ever that there’s a conscious effort. And the effort is to start pushing the Prince of Wales, Charles to the front as he takes on a more prominent role”.