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Queen Elizabeth received the most BIZARRE gift when she married Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen married Prince Philip in 1947, over 60 years ago. It was, of course, a different time. The world looked different, and apparently so did the wedding gifts. 

Weird flex, but okay.

According to a 2014 documentary, ‘The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II’, the newlyweds received around 1700 wedding presents on their wedding day. However, a number of wedding gifts were specifically for Her Majesty. Royal biographer, Robert Lacey said:-

“One of the charming things is that I think, of the 1700 or so wedding presents that were officially listed, several hundreds were nylon stockings. It was something, which the ladies in the country decided to send to the princess”.

It’s one of those things which you never expect.

In the year, 1941, as a result of the war, Great Britain introduced clothes rationing to conserve materials and valuable products. And so, nylon stockings were some of the first items to go through. So actually, there’s a sweet meaning behind the gifts that were received by  Queen Elizabeth.

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Interestingly, the oldest royal couple, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip also received a piece of cotton lace from Mahatma Gandhi. It was a piece that he spun himself and had embroidered with the words ‘Jai Hind’. These words mean ‘Victory for India’.

Well, not all gifts they received at their wedding were fancy.

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According to that old documentary of 2014, a big box of apples, 500 tins of pineapple, two dozen handbags and around 12 bottles of sloe gin were also officially listed as their wedding gifts.

Well, whether the Queen and Prince Philip used all those gifts or not, is a big question mark. However, looking by the items they got, they may have been surprised to see them all.