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Queen Elizabeth beats jet lag with this very UNIQUE technique.

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QUEEN ELIZABETH travels across the whole world for her various state visits. This is how she beats jet lag when abroad. The hack has been revealed and you can try this too.

Queen Elizabeth, 91, is one of the longest reigning monarchs of all time.

She has travelled across the globe since taking the throne in the year 1952. In doing so, she became one of the most well-travelled royals in the British history.

With such an amount of travel comes jet lag, something that torments even the experienced travellers. To most of us, jet lag is quite a pain in the ass. But, Queen Elizabeth has quite a unique way of beating jet lag when she lands after a long flight.

The longest reigning monarch uses two things to escape the net of jet lag. According to some recent reports: For jet lag, Her Majesty takes homoeopathic medicines and a small amount of barley sugar.

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To our surprise, sugar is something which many experts and doctors recommend to avoid. That too when you are trying to stave off the symptoms. It is advised to avoid it, because it can cause a sudden spike in a person’s blood sugar levels which will crash later, causing fatigue. Homeopathy is often referred to as ‘no better than placebos’.

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However, there are rarely any side effects from homoeopathic remedies. As most of them are natural or extracted from plants. There are many such remedies which help avoid jet lag. Some remedies that are thought to be helpful with jet lag include Arnica, used for pain or swelling due to sprains or bites.

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Gelsemium, which is often used for asthma or breathing problems. Its always noticed and observed that the doctors always recommend seeing a GP first before trying any homoeopathic medicine.

It is said so if in case it interferes with any other medication they may be on.