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Queen Elizabeth forced to shut down bar in Palace after unfriendly behavior

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth apparently once had a bar in Buckingham Palace but had to close it down after staff members couldn’t handle their drink. 

It’s not known whether or not Queen Elizabeth ever enjoyed a drink with the staff. However, she is said to enjoy a glass of Champagne from time to time.

Buckingham Palace used to have a private bar in it for illustrious staff.

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However, Queen Elizabeth is said to have closed down the Bar after individuals began getting excessively alcoholic. This was first reported by her previous press secretary, Dickie Arbiter. Dickie Arbiter said staff ended up “unreasonably worn out” on the British Channel 5 narrative, “Insider facts of the Royal Palaces,” The Sun revealed.

“They had to get rid of the bar as soon as possible,” he was quoted saying.

It’s not known when the bar was actually closed, or if the Queen at any point halted for a beverage following a difficult day of commitment. In any case, Her Majesty is said to appreciate the odd glass of Champagne occasionally. While it’s difficult to envision regal drinking with their staff, the thought isn’t as outlandish as it appears.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s facialist, Deborah Mitchell, recently disclosed all the details to The Royal UK. She appreciated an espresso with Her Royal Highness — and that Camilla even made it herself. Mitchell proceeded to clarify that she’s delighted in private gatherings and medium-term remains at regal residencies.

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“They [Charles and Camilla] have cared for me, they’ve treated me,” she said. “You wouldn’t have any desire to get paid — you simply love the experience.” “I must be cautious about what I state,” she included. “In any case, I was shocked at the delightful rooms I remained in.”