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Why Queen Elizabeth deserves to win a Noble Peace Prize?


Queen Elizabeth has reigned for six decades now. During her reign, she has done a lot of things, that no one would have ever been able to do for their country.

Queen Elizabeth should be awarded the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ for her services to the Commonwealth.

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This suggestion will soon be discussed between dignitaries in private discussions at the meeting next week. But, the smaller Commonwealth nations are already in talks to nominate the Monarch.

Well, many dignitaries are in favour of this.

Lord Howell of Guildford, the president of the Royal Commonwealth Society said: “I think, it’s a good idea”.

One of our sources also told:-

“It is being discussed by different high commissioners. They truly want to nominate the Queen for what she has done for the Commonwealth. If someone nominates her and she wins it, I think the country would be thrilled and consider her fully deserving”. 

The proposal is gaining bipartisan support with Labour MP, Frank Field.

He said: “Over 60 years, Queen Elizabeth’s determined diplomacy in keeping the Commonwealth alive and functioning has been a model of how a multitude of nations around the world can police themselves”.

“This doesn’t actually qualify her for a Nobel prize. It is indeed difficult to think what more anyone can do”?

Another minister also said: “It is a great and a lovely idea and it would be great if it happens. I am and will personally support this”.

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Queen confirmed her ongoing dedication to the organisation in one of her message published in March.

“Through exchanging ideas, and seeing life from other perspectives, we grow, experience and work more collaboratively towards a common future”.

“These gatherings are themselves a fine example of how consensus and commitment can help to create a future that is fairer. And which is also more secure, more prosperous and sustainable”.