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Why Queen Elizabeth took 5 days to publicly address Princess Diana’s Death?


Now, it’s been 23 years since Princess Diana’s fatal car accident in Paris. Her death anniversary has now sparked renewed interest in the tragic event.

When the news flashed that Princess Diana had died in August 1997, Queen Elizabeth was highly criticized and blamed for the way she handled the tragic situation.

Many People accused Queen of failing to capture the mood of her nation. They faulted her for being aloof in the days following her former daughter-in-law’s passing. Queen Elizabeth conveyed a “Royal routine” message by taking Princess Diana’s sons. She took Prince William and Prince Harry to the church at Balmoral in Scotland hours after Prince Charles had broken the news to them.

Queen Elizabeth was then criticized for remaining at her Scotland residence for too long. Also for failing to appear at the tributes to Princess Diana arranged near Buckingham Palace. Then also for not returning quickly enough to London.


However, according to Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin and a very close friend, Margaret Rhodes the Queen’s choice to temporarily abandon the people. This was due to her overwhelming concern for the welfare of her two grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry.

In a candid interview with the CNN back in 2012, Margaret came to Queen Elizabeth’s defence.

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Margaret Rhodes was quoted saying:

“Queen Elizabeth was castigated. It was for staying up at Balmoral with the two little boys. She was indeed being a proper granny. What was the point of bringing both the boys down to London and sit in with nothing to do but feel sad about their mom? Personally, I think I would have indeed behaved in exactly the same way”.

It was only when the Prime Minister, Tony Blair intervened that Queen Elizabeth came back to London. Also, she acknowledged the public’s outpouring of grief.“She made it all right in the end by coming down and looking at all the flowers”. Five days after Princess Diana’s death, Queen Elizabeth delivered a live address to the people of Great Britain from the Chinese Dining Room at Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to Princess Diana.

She said:

“Diana was an exceptional and gifted human being. This week at Balmoral, we have all been trying to help Prince William and Prince Harry come to terms with the devastating loss that they and the rest of us have suffered”.

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She ended her speech with a touching statement:

“May those who died rest in peace and may we each and every one of us, thank God for someone who made many, many people happy.”