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The Queen in danger during a suicidal royal tour – Why was Elizabeth under threat?


Her Majesty threw caution to the wind during one particular royal trip. During the trip she was classed to be in ‘danger’ in a visit ‘fraught with risks’.

Yet the UK’s longest-serving monarch continued with her duties. She pulled off the diplomatic visit to Africa with aplomb. But, why was her life in danger?

Queen Elizabeth has visited more than 120 countries in seven decades. Yet, one particular royal excursion was dubbed an ostensibly suicidal royal tour. The 92-year-old’s vacations overseas, to nations across the globe, are planned to the finest detail.

Her Majesty also has a significant entourage of assistants and staff to accompany her. Yet, during a trip to Africa, they all expressed extreme caution. So much so, the Queen’s excursion to Zambia meant she was in danger and with the possibility that she could be killed.

So, why did she go there, knowing about the threat?

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In his new book: ‘Queen of the World’, author Robert Hardman detailed how the Queen dogged determination did not falter. Talking of the 1979 trip, he wrote: “The press, the security services and the Prime Minister were at one. It was that Her Majesty was in danger. Her upcoming overseas tour was not merely ambitious, it was fraught with risks”.

“And those risks went far beyond the possibility of her being dragged into an embarrassing political confrontation. What was worrying the authority was the possibility Queen Elizabeth being killed”.

Yet with the Queen looking forward to the Commonwealth Summit, it went ahead regardless.

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Robert said: “As a consequence, she was showing some backbone and pulling off a remarkable piece of international peacekeeping. It would turn out to be one of the most important decisions of her reign”.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth’s hidden terror while on royal excursions abroad has also come to light. Royal writer, Kitty Kelley has shone light on the Queen’s less than confident side in her recent book.

She said during such occasions, Queen Elizabeth appeared to feel “self conscious” about “the gaps in her education”. Kitty wrote: “Prince Philip chatted with anyone about anything. However, Elizabeth worried constantly about what to say and what not to”.