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The Queen opens up about her coronation for the first time in new documentary.


Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation was the very first one to be televised for the world to see it. That ceremony was a worth to watch.

But, there were quite different sides to the ceremony.

This time its Queen Elizabeth’s side to the story and her ceremony, we get to hear.

You can now get the real story behind Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. In a candid and in a rare interview, the present reigning British monarch is speaking out loud about her 1953 crowning ceremony.

She will soon be appearing in an upcoming documentary called “The Coronation”. It is a collaboration between the BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Smithsonian Channel.

Her Majesty on recalling his father’s Coronation says:

“I have seen one Coronation, and been the recipient in the other, which is indeed a remarkable scenario for me”.

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This time’s special will also focus on the Crown Jewels and the symbolic regalia that were a part of the ceremony.

David Royle, the executive vice president of production and processing for Smithsonian channel says:

“Fascination about the Royals has probably never been higher than today. There is indeed a great admiration and praise for Queen Elizabeth”.

“A while ago, when her Coronation was broadcast in the United States of America in the year 1953, it was the first time ever that the United States’ networks broadcast same-day coverage of European events”.

“It was not only watched by the U.S, but by the masses all over the world. Now, this program sweeps aside all the fictional dramas of more recent times”.

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“It brings our current viewers the definitive account of the Crown Jewels and their role in this particular ancient, remarkable and memorable event”.