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Queen Elizabeth confronted by a formidable opponent.


August is the only month Her Majesty and the rest of the royal family takes an off from all their royal duties and spend time with just themselves.

 Right now, Queen Elizabeth is in Balmoral, Scotland for her annual summer vacation.

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But when she stepped foot on the property of her Balmoral Estate, the 92-year-old reigning monarch was met by an opponent so fearsome and so devious that she had no choice but to seemingly hold her nose. 

Who was that opponent?

It was a pony that pooped around Her Majesty. According to some reports, the pony in question was none other than her longtime foe: Shetland pony mascot Cruachan IV.

Queen Elizabeth and Cruachan IV have crossed paths in the past. This includes last year when the now 3-year-old pony attempted to eat flowers that the Queen was holding. 

This prompted her to say to the animal, “Go away”. And then last fall, the pony also tried to bite the Duke of Sussex, Harry. 

But during their latest encounter, the ‘naughty’ pony took things a step further.

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Apparently, he relieved himself once Queen Elizabeth got close. According to the recent reports, as Her Majesty made her way into the Castle after inspecting the guard of honour the cheeky pony relieved itself in front of her with Her Majesty appearing to hold her nose as she walked away.

However, the Queen simply brushed off the pony poop-smell attack. She was also overheard saying to the animal, “Here we are again”.