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Why does the Queen take her Christmas decorations down in FEBRUARY?


Her Majesty doesn’t follow the traditional Christmas rule of trees being put away by the twelfth night on January 5. So, when does she take down all the decorations?

She takes down all her Christmas decorations in February.

Any idea why only in February? Well, here is why the Queen takes her Christmas decorations down in February. Every year, Her Majesty invites all royal members to the Sandringham estate for Christmas. But after the rest of the family goes home after the huge feast served.

However, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip remain at Sandringham until early February the following year. This is in memory of Her Majesty’s late dad George VI, who died at the estate on February 6, 1952.

And so, Queen reportedly keeps most of the Christmas decorations up until she leaves.

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However, the decorations are said to tone down compared to her other residencies. Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle have 20ft Christmas trees and huge fairy lights. Although they are taken down in January.

Despite it seeming Her Majesty also has a six-week Christmas holiday every year too. Well, this is actually untrue. Almost every day of the year, the monarch receives a red box from the Government. 

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It contains cabinet documents, telegrams and policy papers that need to be either read or signed. And so, her work never ends. The only two days that the Queen doesn’t receive the box is on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

What other Christmas traditions do the royals do differently?

Her Majesty gives a gift to everyone in the royal household. She even asks them what they want for a present as early as March. The family then sit down at around 6 pm in the red drawing room on Christmas Eve to open their presents.

Christmas dinner is served from 1.15 pm with a starter of salad with shrimp or lobster. This is followed by roasted turkey then, Christmas pudding with brandy butter for dessert.