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How the Queen broke royal protocol and wasn’t accepting it?


Queen Elizabeth broke royal protocol dismissing all the fuss with a wave of her hand. It was when Michelle and Barack Obama visited Windsor Castle in April 2016.

The revelation has been disclosed in Michelle Obama’s explosive memoirs.

Her new book, which shares intimate details of the former FLOTUS’ life, was released in the UK on Tuesday. Details of Her Majesty’s small act of defiance are revealed in the book’s closing pages.

Writing in her new autobiography, ‘Becoming’, Michelle Obama said:-

“We were briefed on the protocol ahead of time. First, we had to greet the royals formally before getting into their vehicle to make the short drive”.

“I’d sit in the front next to ninety-four-year-old Prince Philip, who would drive. And Barack had to sit next to the Queen in the back seat”.

Then, further in her memoir, she went on to explain how Her Majesty subverted royal protocol in a rare act of disobedience.

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Michelle said: “it was after we had touched down in a field on the palace grounds and said our hellos. However, Queen Elizabeth abruptly threw a wrench into everything by gesturing for me to join her in the back seat of the Range Rover”.

“I froze, trying to remember if anyone had prepared me for this scenario. I was wondering if it was more polite to go along with it or to insist that Barack take his proper seat by her side”.

“The Queen immediately picked up on my hesitations and was having none of it. ‘Did they give you some rule about this?’ she said. It was like she was dismissing all the fuss with a wave of her hand”.

So, what do you think, the Queen said then?

Queen Elizabeth said: “‘That’s rubbish. Sit wherever you want'”.

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When US President, Donald Trump visited Her Majesty earlier this year, he attracted controversy by appearing to keep Her Majesty waiting. She was, in fact, early to receive her guest. 

Trump also broke the royal protocol by sauntering directly in front of Queen Elizabeth as the two inspected the Queen’s Guard.