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The Queen’s breakfast routine is way less fancy than we expected


When we imagine of a Queen, everything seems so lavish and fascinating. But when it comes to food, Queen Elizabeth’s choice is simple and healthy. For her, it is far more low-key and more sensible.

There was an exclusive interview with Darren McGrady, the former Royal chef who cooked for Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry. He worked for over a 15-year long period. McGrady provides a surprising and delightful insight into Her Majesty’s breakfasting habits.

According to McGrady.

“Breakfast was very simple for the Queen of England. She mostly wanted some Kellogg’s cereal from a plastic container, which she’d serve herself with some Darjeeling tea”.

You indeed read that correctly: The Queen of Great Britain starts off the day with a cup of tea and what we’re assuming to be cornflakes, served from some Tupperware. She then kicks off her day with a gin and Dubonnet.

It seems as if she is truly a woman of her own hearts. Explaining on the exceptional subject of the ‘plastic container’ elsewhere in that particular interview, McGrady also gives further evidence. The evidence is related to Queen Elizabeth’s fondness for the humble and the only Tupperware box.

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McGrady added: People always say, “Oh, the Queen of England must eat off gold plates with gold knives and forks. Yes, sometimes but at Balmoral Palace, she’d eat fruit from a plastic yellow Tupperware container.

The Queen enjoys eating cake.

The chef does, however, go on to reveal that Her Majesty once ate off a marble Royal dish with three gold horses. The dish was totally encrusted with the most precious diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. About some years ago it was valued at £500,000. Well, life is all about balance, we suppose.

McGrady’s interview provides plenty of further food the Queen likes for thought. As we reported earlier, Queen Elizabeth very much hates garlic. Prince William and Prince Harry were partial to McDonald’s as youngsters.

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McGrady also told, “both the Princes came into the Royal kitchen one day and said, “Cancel the lunch for the boys, I’m taking them out, we’re going to McDonald’s. Yeah, the boys loved McDonald’s. They were Royal princes but had children’s palates”.