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Here’s how you can get a chance to drive Queen Elizabeth’s Bentley.


Bonhams London is holding a Royal sized auction on Saturday. It will feature several of the vehicles previously owned by members of the British Royal Family.

The international auction house plans to auction Queen Elizabeth’s Bentley, Princess Margaret’s Rolls-Royce, and Royal family’s 1968 Land Rover Series IIA at Good-wood Revival.

Her Majesty’s car is estimated to be of worth between $190,000-$216,000. Princess Margaret’s Rolls-Royce is about $84,000-$108,000 dollars. The Queen’s 2012 Bentley Mulsanne Saloon was primarily used for formal occasions. Some of them are when Queen Elizabeth attended a Cabinet Meeting with the former Prime Minister, David Cameron.

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Princess Margaret’s Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II has features unique to a vehicle previously owned by a Royal. It included a mount of the Standard Pennant, Royal Crest mountings, police lights and a raised rear bench seat. The seat indeed enabled Princess Margaret to be easily seen through the car’s windows.

The initial bid for Queen’s Bentley will be of £200,000

Well, the most exciting and fascinating part of the whole scenario is that the car was once loaned to Princess Diana. It was also once loaned to former U.S. President, Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy.

A source close to the Queen was quoted saying:

“Queen Elizabeth will not be present at the Royal Auction. Since the cars are sold through a private collection it won’t be possible for her to make it. Once the Royal Family have decided that they no longer need some of their cars, they are decommissioned and sold privately”.

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Well, this could come as a new thing but several security features are removed before the Royal vehicle is returned to the manufacturer. But then one specification that was kind of overlooked this time was Bentley’s navigation system.

The most unusual feature of the car’s navigation system is the fact that on Queen’s Bentley when you press ‘home’, it directs you to Windsor Castle!