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How Princess Margaret paved the way for the younger generation of Royals?

Princess Margaret

In many ways, there would be no Duchess Meghan had there not been a Princess Margaret. But, how Margaret paved the way for Harry’s marriage to Meghan?

The new documentary, ‘Margaret: A Rebel Princess’ explores Her Majesty’s late sister’s life and love as they coincided with changing social norms in Britain.

As Princess Margaret grew up and began to enter the world as an adult, huge social changes were taking place. One of the biggest changes was the democratisation of Britain. This meant the decline of an empire, the meritocracy, a whole new way of thinking about the structure of society was taking place.

It was quite a difficult scenario for Margaret.

And although Princess Margaret was no political rebel in any dramatic sense, of all the royal members, she was the one that touched elements of these things that were going on. And then she entered the circles of the more radical thinking people. So, how Margaret’s life paved the way for the younger generation of modern royals?

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Margaret fell in love with an older man who was married and had children and worked for her father. Her falling in love was enough to break a number of taboos at the time. The idea that a princess would marry outside the aristocracy, at that point, was beyond imagination.

That era of the United Kingdom was quite conservative.

People didn’t do that. The idea that a member of the royal family would marry someone who had been married to someone else was completely out of the question. And of course, over the course of the 20th century, all of those obstacles that she overcame, the rest of the royals followed one way or another.

We now have Prince William and Kate Middleton, and a very familiar approach to them. Kate is not of the aristocracy, and that was taken for granted. And now, we have Meghan Markle as well. She is American and a divorcee. She paved the way for the world that the royals occupy today.

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The last time a British royal married an American divorcee was Wallis Simpson. And King Edward marrying Wallis simply led to their abdication. This was somehow, a huge shadow that hung over Princess Margaret’s childhood in many ways.

It was the reason her father and mother were pushed into the limelight to become King and Queen.

According to reports, the connection between Wallis Simpson and Meghan Markle has hardly been made at all. This shows how the time has changed and evolved. With the new Duchess of Sussex, it’s more a sense of something very positive and modern.

However, why people are still so curious about Princess Margaret? Well, it’s the fact that she was able to maintain both the absolute expected image of a royal princess all through her life while also living in the modern age.