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Princess Diana’s charitable work

Princess Diana’s biggest contribution to charitable work was her public persona. She was one of the first notable celebrities to be photographed while touching and holding patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Many experts and doctors credit her with removing the stigma associated with AIDS

During her entire lifetime, Diana was kind of rebel. Her work with victims of AIDS could in some ways be seen in this regard. She was one the first, very high-profile, celebrity to be pictured touching those affected by this deadly disease.

Princess Diana holds a baby at Hostel for abandoned children in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The hostel cares for HIV positive children

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It had a significant impact in changing people’s mind, opinions and attitudes towards the disease. She certainly did not follow any protocol and tradition of The Royal Family while doing so. Princess Diana also said:

“HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them hug heaven knows they need it”

Diana was a very benevolent and generous person. She met people, from any background and even if they were ill or in hospices, with quite ease. The patients really loved it and were very fond of her.

Diana, Princess of Wales, visits patients suffering from AIDS at the Hospital Universidade in Rio


Part of her appeal was her sympathy and natural compassion. She could empathize with people’s suffering, having suffered much herself.

Photo Gallery of Princess Diana’s charitable work 🙂

Princess Diana shares hands with one of the residents of Casey House, an AIDS hospice, in Toronto, Canada in 1991

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Diana during a visit to HIV patients at Bethnal Green Hospital, London, February 1989
Queen Elizabeth with charity members



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