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Princess Diana’s secret handwritten letter out. Look what all she wrote in it?

Princess Diana

A letter written by Princess Diana before she turned 30 has been put up for auction. It reveals a touching handwritten message sent to Bruce Oldfield and Anita.

Well, the letter didn’t have much of a secret, and yet it was kept hidden by the royal family.

The handwritten letter is being sold off at Boston-based house, RR Auctions. It is being auctioned as a part of Fine Autographs collection. And, it will conclude on June 13, 2018.

It was sent by Diana to the fashion designer, who began making couture fashion for her in the 1980’s.

A selection of Royal memorabilia, including a holiday card embossed with the Prince of Wales’s feathers and Order of the Garter motto and the Spencer family arms, are being sold in memory of the very famous people’s princess.

The one-page letter, signed as “Diana. x” on Kensington Palace letter headed paper and dated July 2, 1990, read as:-

“What a wonderful Jersey I have been given & how really touched I am to be remembered for entering my 30th year. I want a medal when I finally make it please”.

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“It was very typical of you both to spoil me with one lovely Jersey. Is this a new line as I haven’t seen this before or am I just very behind with the times?! However, this comes with much love & endless thanks for helping me to make Sunday a positively happy one”.

Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction, said of the rare Princess Diana’s letter:-

“Princess Diana’s handwriting had a beautiful flourish in it. Also, her letters had a caring and loving tone. I think it was her open and engaging quality that made her so relatable”.

“It is also longstanding royal protocol not to give out any autographs. And so, it will be interesting to see what content from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, appears in the near future”.

The people’s princess, Diana broke protocol on numerous occasions, including her daring fashion choices and reportedly choosing a ready-made wedding ring from Garrard Jewelry collection.

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This particular letter is not the only piece of history to come from Lady Spencer’s private life.

Recently, a blue Raleigh bicycle owned by Princess Diana when she was engaged to Prince Charles was tipped to sell for thousands of pounds. The 1970’s bike was owned by Diana even before she agreed to marry Charles.

But, she continued to ride it after they became engaged. She didn’t stop until the advisers at the Buckingham Palace deemed it ‘unfit for a princess’.