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Truth unveiled: Was Princess Diana pregnant when she died?

Princess Diana

A new rumour that has been taking its pace is that Princess Diana was pregnant when she died. This made royal fans speculate even more on her death.

However, Princess Diana was not pregnant at the time of the horror Paris car crash that killed her. This, a forensic scientist has claimed quashing rumours of her expecting lover Dodi Fayad’s child.

Angela Gallop sensationally claims to have taken a sample of the 36-year-old’s stomach contents. Those, she tested for signs of the pregnancy hormone and contraceptive pill. She told in an interview the two ways to test for pregnancy in such a situation before explaining each in detail.

Ms Gallop said:-

“The first was to see if the blood samples taken from Diana contained any of the pregnancy hormone. That hormone is known as human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The second was to look for any evidence that she might have been taking a contraceptive pill”.

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The forensic investigation to determine if Princess Diana was expecting her third child at the time of the crash was led by Professor David Cowan. He is the former head of forensic science at King’s College in London. Mr Cowan said at the time, that blood transfusions desperately needed to save Diana complicated pregnancy tests post-mortem. 

The stomach contents were used to find the truth instead.

Ms Gallop added, saying: “So the best sample for testing was some blood that had been recovered from the carpet in the foot-well of her seat in the Mercedes”.

Speculation about Prince Charles’ ex-wife being pregnant at her time of death mounted when seven years after the fatal crash. That time, John Stevens, Police commissioner was asked to investigate questions in the aftermath of the incident.

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There were many questions.

Was Diana pregnant at the time of her death? Did the blood sample attributed to Henri Paul actually come from him? And was there any valid justification for the elimination of a white Fiat car from involvement in the collision?

Princess of Wales, Diana was killed in the ‘Pont D’Alma tunnel’ in Paris on August 31, 1997. Her car, driven by Henri Paul, who was being followed by a large number of paparazzi when it ploughed into a pillar after hitting a wall at high speed. Princess Diana’s funeral was watched by millions and caused a substantial outpouring of worldwide mourning.