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Princess Diana ignored this advice from the Queen and broke the royal tradition.


The late Princess Diana of Wales was one of the most famous women in the world before her untimely death. She played by her own rules. 

And yet, she was someone people looked up to and completely adored.

However, if Princess Diana had listened to the advice of Her Majesty, she may not have been the icon we still talk about today.

The royal house of Windsor documentary revealed how Princess Diana was far more in touch with the public than the rest of the royal family. And, it was an amazing thing to see.

The narrator of the documentary said:-

“Charity has always been a secret weapon of the monarchy. But the charity Her Majesty supported were uncontroversial charities”. However, the Princess of Wales went against the advice of the Queen and supported more controversial charities.

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“Diana saw the possibility of getting much more publicity by dealing with Leprosy, by dealing with aids victims. She famously changed the public’s attitude towards AIDS victims when she shook hands with a patient”.

Seems minor, isn’t it?

However, it was a very big statement for a member of the royal family to make. And specially, at a time where there was large taboo surrounding this kind of illness.

The royal house of Windsor documentary also revealed that Queen Elizabeth apparently intervened. She asked her daughter-in-law to support nicer and more pleasant charities rather than opting for the kinds she was working on.

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But, Princess Diana refused. This refusal added strain to many of her relationships with members of the British royal family. May whatever be the scenario, Princess Diana was and will always be an incredible lady.