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Princess Diana kept Harry’s gender a secret from Prince Charles because he ‘wanted a girl’.

Princess Diana

The Prince of Wales, Charles made a shocking comment about his second born, Prince Harry’s appearance when he was just a baby.

And reportedly, this comment send his marriage with the late Princess Diana into a downward spiral.

Prince Charles, who is also the heir to the British throne, after his mother, Queen Elizabeth, made a cruel remark about Harry shortly after he was born.

Well, this did not go well with Princess Diana.

This left the late Diana extremely hurt. In a 1991 interview, the late Diana revealed how Charles’ comments against their son had caused their marriage to “go down the drain”.

According to Andrew Morton’s book on Princess Diana’s life, ‘Diana: Her True Story’, the late princess revealed how she closed off after Charles noted something about Harry’s appearance.

When the Duke of Sussex, Harry was born, Charles talked about how his son had “even got red hair”. It’s a trait that runs in Diana’s family.

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It was the most hurting thing she ever heard.

After Prince Charles’ comments, Diana said: “something inside me closed off”. And their marriage broke down shortly after, and the couple divorced in 1996.

This was not the only comment Charles made towards his second son. After Harry’s birth, Diana revealed another hurtful remark Charles said about Prince Harry.

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She said one of his first reactions was to exclaim: “Oh God, it’s a boy”. Despite Charles insisting he was just “joking”, Diana was extremely upset by his comment.

Diana hid something from Charles.

When she was pregnant with Harry, Diana knew the gender of the baby. However, she avoided telling Charles as she knew he wanted a girl.

She also revealed how Charles complained to her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, over the baby’s gender. She said: “He was so disappointed. We thought it would be a girl”.