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Princess Beatrice accused of disrespecting Queen Elizabeth publicly

Princess Beatrice

When Queen Elizabeth arrived at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, all the female royals curtsied to her. 

However, Princess Beatrice did not curtsy to her grandmother. Beatrice has been accused of snubbing Her Majesty during Sunday’s Easter church service.

But, royal author Robert Jobson said that there is a reason why Kate Middleton and Zara Phillips were the only female royals who curtsied when the Queen passed by. This is because curtsies are only done during their first meeting with the Queen during a particular day. 

These are some strict rules you need to follow.

Not curtsying to the monarch could only mean that Princess Beatrice already saw her grandmother earlier that day. During their first meeting, the 30-year-old might have curtsied to the Queen. Meanwhile, Kate made headlines last weekend after she seemingly did a perfect curtsy in front of Queen Elizabeth. 

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Dressed in an elegant light blue coat with a matching fascinator, the Duchess of Cambridge placed one foot behind the other and bent her knees while smiling at the Queen. 

Their was a lot of craze going after the royal’s curtsy.

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Duchess Kate’s curtsy was dubbed by royal fans and publications as perfect. That’s because it fit the description of how the correct curtsy should be done by etiquette expert Myka Meier. While speaking with The Royal UK, she said that curtsies should be subtle. And the deeper and longer the pause is, the more respect and formality, it shows.

In related news, Princess Beatrice made headlines after it was revealed that she is palanning to break the royal protocol. She is rumoured to be desperately wanting to tie the knot, with her boyfriend, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

A source said that the Princess has become so desperate that she doesn’t even mind having a baby before her marriage. Mozzi also has a toddler son from his previous relationship.