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Why was Prince William not sitting with Kate during Trooping the Colour?

Prince William

Every member of the royal family was present at Trooping the Colour. However, they were not all together at the beginning of the event. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat together. But, the Duke of Cambridge, William was noticeably absent.

At the event, Queen Elizabeth sat alone in an equipage. Why? Because Prince Philip did not attend after recently undergoing hip surgery. Three other carriages held the rest of the group. But, Prince Charles and Prince William were not present there. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex got their own carriage in the procession. The next carriage transported Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, their aunt Sophie, and their cousin, Lady Louise Windsor.

While that accounts for many members of the family, where were Prince Charles and Prince William?

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If at all you had a good eye, you might have been able to spot them. The future Kings joined Princess Anne and Prince Andrew on horseback, trotting behind Her Majesty.

Well, in the royal family, everything is done for a reason. And so, this one has its too. All four have ceremonial roles as colonels of the Household Division.

This group includes the most elite, senior units of the British army. Even Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son, Prince Edward doesn’t have one of these prestigious titles.

Some information about Prince Charles and Prince William on their roles. 

The Duke of Cambridge was dressed in the ceremonial uniform for the Irish Guards. He’s the Colonel of the Regiment, also to be known as the second in command after Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Charles has racked up many honorary military appointments over the years. And, he’s previously worn the uniform reflecting his role as Colonel of the Welsh Guards.

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So what about the Duke of Sussex, Harry?

Even though Harry served an active duty in Afghanistan, he’s not a colonel yet. Prince Harry wore his dress uniform reflecting his rank as Major in the Blues and Royals. 

The 92 year-old monarch herself also used to ride during the Trooping of the Colour as the Head of the Armed Forces. But, has recently opted for a more comfortable transportation.