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Prince William: “I never expected this from my own brother”?

Prince William

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan’s royal baby is almost here. And the anticipation is at an all-time high with royal fans everywhere.

There has been a lot of speculation in regard with the Baby Sussex. However, without a doubt, the majority of questions still focus on the subject of the baby’s name.

While it hasn’t been announced whether or not the baby will be a boy or a girl, popular opinion holds that Baby Sussex is very likely to be a girl. According to reports, Prince Harry always wanted to have a girl and so now, he might be having one. So, what are the top contenders for the baby’s name?

And what is the current position?

Currently, the British betting site: ‘Ladbrokes’ has a number of ongoing wagers in several categories pertaining to the new baby. It includes gender, name for either gender, what day of the week the baby will be born, the birth weight and the date range. By far the most popular category seems to be the baby name.

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Girl names take the current lead in the name category, with Diana the favorite at 6/1 odds. It is tied with Elizabeth, which has been given the same 6/1 odds. A few other names round out the top ten, including Alice, Grace, and Mary for a girl, and Albert, Philip, and Arthur for a boy.

Is Diana a likely name choice?

Ever since Harry and Meghan announced they were expecting a baby, the public has been clamouring for them to have a girl named after Princess Diana. The reasons are surely sentimental. Since fans all over the world still have great affection for Diana, even though she’s been gone for many years.

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Whether or not the royal parents-to-be are actually considering the name Diana for their baby is another matter entirely. Diana had a notoriously difficult relationship with the press as well as some members of the royal family. So naming a baby after her would be sweet along with a great deal of baggage to a newborn baby.

The royal family might not like it.

There’s also the matter of the royal family’s feelings to consider. Prince William and Kate Middleton gave their daughter Charlotte the middle name of Diana, as a nod to the late Princess. Reportedly, William has a number of strong feelings regarding the matter of naming any royal babies after Princess Diana.

Some sources claim that Prince William feels that it would be inappropriate to give a royal baby the first name Diana. Considering Charles has a wife, Camilla and that overt tributes to Princess Diana would be a bit unseemly. Well, no matter what name the baby will have, it is certain that the arrival will be a joyous occasion.