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Prince William says his children are ‘lucky’ to have a ‘wonderful role model’ in the Queen

Prince William

Prince William has opened up about the special bond his children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis share with their great-grandmother the Queen.

Prince William has been preparing to become king his entire life, and he’s had a great role model while doing so.

The Duke of Cambridge is said to look up to and admire his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, for her decades of loyalty and service to the country and the crown.

In a touching speech in which he paid tribute to his grandmother – calling her “the boss” – adding that George, Charlotte and Louis were so “lucky” to have her as a role model.

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I am incredibly lucky to have my grandmother in my life. As she turns 96, she is a remarkably energetic and dedicated guiding force for her family.

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“And I am so glad that my children are having the chance to get to know the Queen. George and Charlotte, too, will discover how lucky they are to have such a wonderful great-grandmother – a role model for the rest of their lives.” William added: “She may be my grandmother, but she is also very much the boss!

Of course, while Elizabeth has always been a very important person in William’s life, his late grandfather, Prince Philip, was also someone that he admired greatly. It was revealed that William even keeps a very sentimental photo of his oldest son, George, and Prince Philip in his office as a way to keep his grandfather’s memory alive.

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While William has learned a lot by examining Queen Elizabeth’s life, he can also take away some lessons from Prince Philip as well.

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