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How did Prince William celebrate his 36th birthday?

Prince William

Prince William celebrated his first birthday as a father of three this year. And this year, there was something special this year that happened.

Prince William, turned 36 today. It was a special day for him today.

The Duke of Cambridge, was born on June 21, 1982. He has already had a busy year. Some of them includes being best man at his brother, Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle.

Then, he also welcomed his third child, Prince Louis, into the world, on April 23. But, how will Prince William celebrate his birthday?

Well, last year, Prince William reportedly celebrated his birthday privately with his family. However, this year, the second in line to the British Throne did not put his feet up or took a break as he turned 36.

According to some reports, the Duke of Cambridge, William spent his birthday fulfilling royal duties. He today, opened a rehabilitation centre for injured service personnel.

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Prince William will also be travelling to the Middle East for a five day tour from Sunday, June 24 to Thursday, June 28. According to his itinerary, he will visit Jordan, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

A look back at his most memorable birthday.

It was William’s 12th birthday. He was sitting between his estranged parents, and learned how to represent the royal family at events. William was being taught how to behave in public.

Though, this birthday celebration was not one of those huge and special ones, but there was just a small thing, that was special for William. It was his last birthday that he celebrated with his mother, Diana.

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Following his 12th birthday, all his birthdays celebrated was either with just the royal family, excluding Princess Diana, or it was just with his brother and his father, Charles. But, it was never with his mother, Diana.

Wishing Prince William a very Happy Birthday!