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A good news for the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip after so long .

He may have retired from official royal engagements, but Prince Philip, now 97, continues to be spry behind the scenes—a motivator for Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Philip is 97 years old, an age when many would be using walkers or be confined to wheelchairs.

So it makes plenty of sense that he effectively retired from his royal duties last autumn. This spring, after skipping three prominent events, including the transfer of his role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards to his son, Andrew, Buckingham Palace admitted his health was problematic.

But the consort of Queen Elizabeth II has never been one to take it easy.

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Just a few weeks after that April hip-replacement announcement, he was seen driving on the Windsor estate; on May 19, he walked into St.

George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle under his own steam to see his grandson, Prince Harry, marry Meghan Markle, evincing a recovery that was so fast and so complete that it still isn’t certain which hip was replaced.

These appearances are additional signs that although Prince Philip largely vanished from public view, he’s not sitting still. Philip, after all, has perpetually been one to possess a project or three on the go. His abrasive, typically caustic public persona isn’t a complete reflection of the complex man.

If you’ve talked to any of the employees, Philip’s the one they all love, really,” explained actor Matt Smith, who researched Philip before playing him in the first two seasons of The Crown. 

Prince Philip is free from his royal duties now.

And currently that he doesn’t need to walk two steps behind the Queen at her public events. Even into his 90’s, he frequently undertook 300-plus engagements a year. Now, he’s got more time to devote to his non-public pursuits.

His varied enthusiasms, even in retirement, are a big driver of the Queen’s own energy. Now that she’s ninety-two and still operating full-time, her workload for the first half of 2018 was heavier than it had been in 2017.

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Still, it’s clear Prince Philip’s health isn’t what it absolutely was.

“I can’t stand up much,” he quipped last year. And before that, he’s undergone heart surgery, as well as an exploratory operation on his abdomen that, like his hip surgery, was never totally explained.

Whereas he grudgingly concedes to his advancing years when needed. Philip appears determined to keep breaking records. Already the longest-living consort of a British monarch, he will be eligible for a 100th birthday card from his woman in less than 3 years.