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Prince Philip’s reaction when King died and Elizabeth was to be Queen, reveals everything.


Prince Philip’s immediate reaction upon hearing about the death of King George was recently revealed in a Channel 4 documentary series.

The series is about the royal family before and after Queen Elizabeth took the throne.

According to some reports, when the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip heard the news, he looked absolutely flattened

In a Channel 4 documentary series that looks into the lives of the British royal family, it was uncovered that Prince Philip felt like the world had collapsed on him after the death of the King.

All about the document series.

The royal house of Windsor starts by looking at the family prior to Her Majesty. And in the third episode, it discusses how Philip adapted to his new life.

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The narrator, Gwilyn Lee mentioned how a friend of Prince Philip’s described his initial reaction to the news of the King George’s death. Mr Lee said:-

“A friend said that when Philip heard the news, he was flattened indeed. Like the world had collapsed on him. Well, that reaction was natural. Prior to Elizabeth taking the throne, Philip served in the Navy and was extremely successful”.

“And so, we all saw that coming”.

According to the documentary, he was “a war hero” and a “decorated naval officer”.

After his marriage to Elizabeth, he looked forward to a long career. He was stationed in Malta where he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. 

After taking over a visit to Australia and New Zealand with a stop in Kenya, the royal couple received news that the King had died. Historian Sarah Gristwood explained Philip was not expecting to have to end his career so quickly. 

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She said:-

“Although when he married Princess Elizabeth, he must’ve known that this moment would come. He can’t have expected it to come so soon”.

“It was, what, barely four years since the marriage? Now, his naval career was over and he was going to spend the rest of his life walking four paces behind his wife”.