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Prince Philip’s ‘mysterious infection’ is a worrying sign for all the royals.


Prince Philip suffered a ‘mysterious infection’ during one royal tour in India with the Queen. It prevented him taking part in a huge event overseas.

Yet just what was this, and how did the circumstances cause outrage? The Duke of Edinburgh was a constant presence by the side of his wife, Queen Elizabeth.

Philip called time on official overseas and national royal duties in 2017. Prior to that, he accompanied Her Majesty on a number of excursions to countries including India, Pakistan and Australia. Yet during one trip, in the 1960’s, his actions came under fire as an unexpected illness struck.

He was invited to a host of animal shoots, hunting excursions which caused outrage back in Britain.

With the main event set to include the shooting of a tigress, royal biographer Robert Hardman wrote how anticipation was rife. Yet his role in the shoot was scuppered for one “mysterious” reason. In his book: ‘Queen of the World’, Hardman wrote: “Come the day of the shoot, however, there was a bizarre infortuitus development”.

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“The Duke of Edinburgh had mysteriously developed an infection in his trigger finger. It had been encased in a thick bandage. While a palace spokesman confirmed he had been responding well to penicillin. And, that there was no way the prince could shoot anything”.

Therefore he inadvertently swerved any criticism of his actions.

Instead, it was Sir Christopher Bonham-Carter, the Duke’s treasurer, who shot the fatal bullet. Referring to the much-maligned shoot, Robert added: “Under the circumstances, cancellation was not an option. Whatever the growing noise and fury back in Britain”.

Meanwhile, the 97-year-old’s other shoots during the tour came under huge criticism. It was after he planted his foot on the body of a tiger whom he had claimed. Philip’s character was ever-present during royal excursions, with his controversial jokes and edgy humour often a talking point.

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During one such incident, he made his feelings on economy class flights very clear.

The royals usually always fly commercial. Particularly when venturing abroad for a personal reason, or on official duties. They may take a private jet. The latter helps the monarch and her relatives build strong relationships between states.

Yet that hasn’t really stopped the dad of four from making his thoughts on Economy class. It is usually the cheapest form of ticket on an airline. Prince Philip previously announced to the Aircraft Research Association:-

“If you travel as much as we do, you appreciate the improvements in aircraft design of less noise and more comfort. Provided you don’t travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly”.