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One of Prince Philip’s greatest traditions could be banned.

Prince Philip

One of the Duke of Edinburgh’s greatest traditions could be banned during his summer retreat to Balmoral Castle with his beloved wife, Queen Elizabeth.

And, that is due to an announcement on the estate’s Facebook page.

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It has been few decades since Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have been spending some summer time at the Balmoral Castle. And, through these years, Prince Philip has designed his own barbecue for serving up some tasty delights.

It has now become a tradition.

During a period of sweltering heat, fire has been ravaging the parts of the Lancashire moors as firefighters desperately scramble to quell the blaze. Because of the risk of fire, Balmoral has totally banned barbecues and campfires for those visiting the estate.

It was mentioned on the estate’s Facebook page that: “We have an extremely high fire risk at the moment. Please, no barbecues or campfires on the Estate. Dispose of cigarettes responsibly”.

Now, what will this mean to Prince Philip?

Well, such a decision means the Duke of Edinburgh may be banned from lighting his own barbecue when he and Her Majesty stay at Balmoral over the summer.

The 97-year-old royal indeed enjoys cooking and his barbecues during the summer are famous in the Royal Family. In a BBC Country file documentary, the source said:-

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“The Duke, he cooks, and the Queen sets up the table. There are no staff members that come out to serve”.

The source emphasised Queen Elizabeth was most happiest on the grounds. He also complemented the estate for providing room to breathe and run. Walks, picnics, dogs and people are coming in and out all the time.