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What Prince Philip is like as a grandfather?


In November of 1977, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip became grandparents for the first time when Princess Anne gave birth to Peter Phillips.

 Since then, the royal couple has welcomed seven more grandchildren.

For the Duke of Edinburgh, who is the longest-serving consort in British history, his role as a grandfather is one that he treasures. Here we look into this special relationship.

Philip learned from his own grandmother.

Prince Philip is renowned for his dry wit and a strong sense of public duty. These are the qualities that all eight of his grandchildren also hold in high regard.

A royal source told The Royal UK: “The Duke of Edinburgh is indeed very close to all of his grandchildren and is very much head of the family behind the scenes. They all adore him and love his sense of humour”.

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This positivism can be traced back to Philip’s own grandmother – Princess Victoria of Hesse. All of Philip’s grandparents died before he was born or when he was very young, except one.

He became close to Princess Victoria because he saw little of his own parents. 

He is an inspiration to the family.

In his time, supporting the Queen, Prince Philip has carried out over 22,000 engagements. In 2016, he was named one of the busiest royals.

As the younger members of the family take on an increasing number of duties on behalf of the monarch, there’s no doubt that Prince Philip’s 70 years of loyal public service has been an inspiration to his grandchildren.

He is particularly close to Prince William and Prince Harry.

As a talented naval officer himself, it’s likely that the Duke of Edinburgh would have encouraged William and Harry to pursue their own military careers.

But losing their mother, Princess Diana, at such a young age may have also influenced their relationship with their grandparents.

What we have observed mainly with William and Harry is the relationship between grandfather and child is a very different one to the relationship between father and son or daughter.

Philip is the epitome of a stiff upper lip. He is never photographed crying or showing his emotions publicly. But his relationship with his two boys is much warmer.

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The grandfather of eight, Philip has made sure his grandchildren are there for each other.

When it comes to keeping in touch with each other, the younger royals are just like the rest of us. In fact, Mike Tindall, has revealed that some members of the family even have a Whats-app group chat.

But all this friendship amongst the cousins goes back to the head of the family. Philip has always been keen that his grandchildren are part of the same family dynamic.