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Prince Philip was once heard abusing Queen Elizabeth?


Prince Philip was reportedly heard abusing at Queen Elizabeth. It was when they were living in Malta between the year, 1949 and 1951.

Her Majesty joined her husband, Philip in Malta in the late 1940’s, as he was stationed in the island as a naval officer.

There, the Queen was able to lead a normal life as she was completely immersed in shopping, sightseeing, gossiping and dancing. She described her visit to the Mediterranean archipelago as ‘the happiest days of her life’. Although, it has emerged Prince Philip swore at her during their time there.

All this, has been revealed in a documentary.

In 2014 documentary, ‘The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II’, Maltese journalist, John Mizzi claimed that officially, Queen Elizabeth was the boss. But, in private life it was Philip who ran the show. He said: “He seemed to boss her around most of the time. I shouldn’t really say this perhaps, I heard him abusing her”.

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However, according to writer and broadcaster, Hugo Vickers, the Queen actually liked the fact that the Duke of Edinburgh was able to tell her off. Mr Vickers noted: “The thing with the Queen and Prince Philip is that they both are very, very well matched. She took on somebody her own size”.

Hugo Vickers added, saying:-

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“I think Her Majesty would be the first one to admit that Philip isn’t somebody who minces his words. Or, who has an opinion on everything and doesn’t mind expressing it. For the Queen herself, when you consider she is surrounded by a lot of yes men, actually having a man in her life who tells her what he thinks of what she’s doing is probably a refreshing change”.

“He does wear the trousers behind the palace doors. He is the head of the family and he has made a lot of changes inside Buckingham Palace. And, those changes have been for the better. I believe, Her Majesty is quite lucky and grateful to have such a wonderful man beside her”.