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‘About to become a father’: Prince Harry’s latest speech has tugged on our heart strings.

Prince Harry

He’s the sweetest Prince in the royal family. The Duke of Sussex, Harry gave a speech today to the youth of the Commonwealth. 

Before giving his speech, he sat down and chatted with young members of society. He talked about what needs to change in the world and how they will try and combat problems.

In his speech, the Duke of Sussex, Harry noted that while travelling around the world at the end of last year, he found a common theme among the young people he was talking to. His speech read as:-

“My wife, Meghan and I spent the last few months travelling across the Commonwealth from Tonga and Australia to New Zealand and Fiji. And, I recently visited Zambia at the beginning of December”.

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“As I have spoken to young people on my travels, one of the recurring themes is the lack of mental health support for those who are under 30. And there is the remaining stigma and absence of services available”.

Well, his speech did not just end here. There was more to come.

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The soon-to-be royal father, then mentioned his baby. As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child in late April and early May. In short, the baby’s arrival is not far. Harry said that while the whole world needs to reach a sustainable level, he is now seeing the pressure more than ever because of his upcoming child.

“As someone who is about to become a father soon, I am acutely aware of our shared responsibility to make this world more resilient. And, it is our duty to make its inhabitants more accountable for the next generation, as much as we can”.