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The funny reason why Prince Harry & George are never photographed together?

Prince Harry

A lot of reports claim that the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has separated himself from a lot of things including his family members since his marriage. 

Many believe all these changes in Prince Harry is because of Meghan Markle. Do you believe it too? Well, we have an answer for you!

Many leading tabloids have noticed that William and Kate’s firstborn, Prince George and his uncle, Prince Harry are never really photographed together now. There have been a lot of drastic changes in Prince Harry’s life since his marriage.

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However, we never really thought much of it, to be honest.

But, a royal expert has spoken out about this particular thing. Not only did the royal experts speak and shared their thoughts about it, but they also gave the real reason for it. Surprised now, are we? Speaking on podcast Royally Obsessed, royal writers Kaitlin Menza and Lisa Ryan explained:-

“We have never once seen Prince Harry interacting with his nephew, Prince George. They have never been photographed together. This is not because of tension with a five-year-old though. I think it was on purpose”. 

So, what could be the possible reason behind it?

The royal experts continued, saying: “I think because Harry was single. And so, they didn’t really want him like ‘poor old spinster Harry playing with a baby on the grass’”. But, we never see that”. However, it’s quite hard to believe still. That is because, in spite of getting married, we never saw a picture of Harry and George together.

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If the part, where they didn’t want him to look like a spinster is true, some royal protocols seriously need to change. We know that Prince George and Prince Harry were photographed for Prince Charles’ 70th portrait. But, that was too with the other members of the royal family.