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Just wait until you hear this remark Prince George made about his mum, Duchess Kate

Prince George

Kate took to the field alongside William, to play football with children from the Irish Football Association of Northern Ireland’s Shooting Stars program. 

While on their recent royal trip to Belfast, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate swapped her heels for trainers. Well, it was an amazing scene to watch, indeed.

The game took place at the Windsor Park Football Stadium. The programme was held to encourage more girls to take part in sports. It is something the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate were all for even. Though, Kate revealed that football isn’t her strong point.

Well, that’s quite understandable, isn’t it?

According to The Telegraph, before taking to the field, the royal mother of three, told the other children that her son, George mocks her football skills by saying: “Mummy, you’re so rubbish”.

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She then continued by telling them that she agrees and probably should have “picked up some tips from George”, ahead of the game.

However, it is also reported that this wasn’t the end of the mockery for Kate Middleton. During the game, she was jibed at by her beloved husband, Prince William, shouting at her.

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He said: “Come on superstar”! Well, this did not end here. The Duke of Cambridge then warned children and said: “Look out, she goes for the ankles”.

Like father, like son George, huh?

Prince William on the other hand, who quite proudly, seems to consider himself a football pro, revealed he could have “stayed there all day”.

Well, that’s not something, that came as a shock to the royal fans. That is because the royal fans have already seen playing the prince with the other football clubs. And, to be honest, they both looked like they had fun.