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The Prince of Wales: Will Prince Charles step up to become KING in 2019?

The Prince of Wales, Charles is the next in line for the throne, following his mother, Queen Elizabeth. The Queen has been at the helm of the royal family since 1953.

So, the main question that lies is will Prince Charles become king in 2019?

The British royal family is has gone through a number of changes this year. That includes two weddings welcoming the new members.

Not to forget, two more new additions were Zara Tindall and Kate Middleton’s baby. And, the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan is pregnant with her first baby.

Prince Charles, who is now in his 60’s with no sign yet of taking the throne.

The Prince of Wales, Charles has been first in line to the throne for 65 years. It is a record in the British monarchy. There has been no other royal heir to hold the position for such long time.

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And as Queen Elizabeth’s first born, Charles already hit 70, he would be one of the oldest monarchs at coronation. Her Majesty recently became the oldest reigning monarch in British history.

And she seems to have no intent to retire the position.

The question of whether Prince Charles could ascend to the throne next year lies in whether Her Majesty is looking to abdicate.

The Queen is able to abdicate at any moment she chooses. Also, there is a lot of precedent in the royal family of this happening. Her father took the throne in 1936 after his brother, Edward abdicated to marry Wallace Simpson.

Despite this, Queen Elizabeth has vowed she will serve the British public until her death. And so, chances are highly unlikely. Famously, before she took the throne in 1953, Elizabeth said she would be ‘devoted’ to her rule.

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She said:-

“I declare before you that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service. Throughout all my life and with all my heart, I shall strive to be worthy of your trust”.

A royal insider talking to the Sunday Times said: “The Queen has always been so vehement that there will never be a regency. Unless she was sick to the point of being unable to perform her duties”.

“As long as she’s healthy, regardless of her age, I don’t see a regency. Other members of the royal family can just do more”.