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How Prince Charles REBELS against the Queen: The most radical Royal in Windsor history

Prince Charles

Prince Charles is the most radical royal in the history of the Windsors due to his unconventional vision of the monarchy, according to the Queen. 

The man who is the key to the future of the Windsors is Her Majesty’s eldest son and heir, Prince Charles.

Over these past years, he has taken it upon himself to tackle a number of social and political issues. However, in doing so he has clashed with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

According to royal expert, Mr Shaw:-

“He’s rebelled against his mother. Charles is insisting on a monarchy that is radically different to his mother’s. He is actually the most outspoken Prince of Wales in the history of the Windsors. As a King, he could make or break the dynasty”.

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Some special reports also suggests on the detail about how Charles publicly embarrassed her mother, Queen Elizabeth. Also, how he was branded “a petulant and a selfish prince” after snubbing a state dinner in an unprecedented act of rebellion.

How did the Prince of Wales embarrass his mother?

Prince Charles didn’t attend the state dinner organised by the Chinese president in 1999. Despite the event being deemed of extreme importance by both the Government and the Crown.

Charles snubbed the invitation extended to the royal family by then-president of China, Jiang Zemin.

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As members of the royal family are urged to avoid meddling with politics, Charles’ actions were described as damaging in the extreme. And it was considered as a plain offence to the Crown.

Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

His long time love affair with Camilla had long caused rife. And she was branded a wicked woman by Her Majesty. 

Very soon after Diana’s death, Charles made it clear to the Queen that his relationship with Camilla was non-negotiable. Two years later, the couple’s relationship became official and they were photographed together in public among a crowd of royal fans.