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Prince Charles: “I know Andrew very well. He wants to be me”.


Prince Andrew has always lived in the shadow of his elder brother, Prince Charles, who is also the future king, according to a new documentary.

Andrew was recently described as a ‘spare part’. And it is also claimed that being second in the line for the British throne was never enough for him.

In Jeremy Paxman’s latest Channel 5 documentary, ‘Jeremy Paxman on the Queen’s Children’, it’s revealed that Prince Andrew wanted to emulate his older brother. In the documentary, royal expert, Richard Kay recounts a story where Charles revealed that his brother always wanted to be like him.

That’s something new, we all are hearing about.

According to Mr Kay, Charles once said: “The trouble with my brother, Andrew is that he wants to be me”. He also goes on to describe that the Duke of York was in a peculiar position and that he was increasingly shoved down the pecking order with the birth of William and Harry.

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Royal expert, Mr Kay added: “Prince Andrew was the spare for a good bit of his life and he was very important. He was number two. And if anything had happened to Charles, it was going to be Andrew who took over”.

Now, Andrew is now the seventh in line behind William, Harry and William’s children too.

The documentary also sheds light on the relationship between Charles and his youngest brother, Prince Edward. The biographer, Ingrid Seward revealed that the two have never been close due to the 16 year age gap. Seward added that the royal was lonely at Buckingham Palace and was often isolated.

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Ms Seward said: “On one of those occasions, Edward went upstairs and found some of the old kilts. Those were all the tartans that Prince Charles is entitled to wear. And he thought ‘ooh those look rather fun’. He went down to dinner in a tartan which was that of the Duke of Rothesay”.

“And as he went into the dining room, Prince Charles went apoplectic and said ‘what are you doing wearing that’? I am the only one entitled to wear that. It’s a kilt for the Prince of Wales. Now, go upstairs and take it off”.