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Royal Row: “Prince Charles is a needy man. He couldn’t get what he wanted from Diana”.

Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales, Charles and his first wife, Princess of Wales, Diana were poles apart in their disastrous royal marriage, according to a royal biographer.

Although, Charles and Diana’s marriage was a total blunder, but in the beginning of their royal marriage, it was as if a fairy-tale has come true for Princess Diana. 

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage had a fairy-tale beginning in the year 1981. It was when they wed at St Paul’s Cathedral. Their marriage was watched by millions around the world. However, the Duke of Cambridge, William and the Duke of Sussex, Harry’s parents steadily became more and more unhappy in their marriage.

The royal couple’s marriage was rocked by infidelities and recriminations.

Both Charles and Diana would eventually divorce on the advice of Her Majesty The Queen in the year 1996. The divorce took place after a four-year separation. A 2015 Youtube documentary, ‘The Madness of Prince Charles’ delves into the emotional turmoil of his and Princess Diana’s marriage.

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The film hears from royal expert, and royal biographer of Prince Charles, Penny Junor. In the documentary, the royal expert said:-

“The one thing that really destroyed the Prince of Wales, Charles’ confidence was his disastrous marriage to Princess Diana. The late Princess of Wales was increasingly unhappy after the birth of her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Not only this, but she also struggled with mental health issues.

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However, Ms Junor says that the royal couple could not support each other emotionally.

Penny Junor added, saying: “Prince Charles is a very, very needy man. He needed a wife who would support him, who would help him, who would actually be there for him and who would bolster his ego”.

“Just because Princess Diana was so wrapped up in herself, she couldn’t give him anything. This actually led to a big gap between them. The two of them were just poles and poles apart”.